Ochre people are passionate and driven, we believe in ourselves and are great achievers. We are Ziyawa* people: inquisitive, innovative, imaginative and creative, they work together, sharing talents, expertise and ideas to produce the multi-platform content that has earned OMP many accolades and awards.
*zulu: translation – it’s happening – happening

“Ochre people are our most valuable asset” says Stan Joseph who heads up Ochre Moving Pictures. “From our dynamic, dedicated senior management team through to the youngest and newest production interns, our people are carefully selected to complement, contribute and collaborate – with each Team member bringing unique and highly valued skills, talents and attributes to our productions. The Ochre palette of people come from diverse cultural, community and colour backgrounds and clearly represent the South African diaspora”.

Stan Joseph – Chief Executive Officer

Stephen de Kock – Head of Production

Krisen Pather – Head of Development

Liesl Thomson – Operations Manager

Jeanette Butler – Head of Project Finance

Portia Gumede: Show Runner

Nad Thaver – Head of Finance

Andrew Cox – Digital Web Manager

Emma Wilcock – Head of Facilities