Di Ya Wela

Di Ya Wela, meaning ‘delicious’, is all about Baking Made Easy.

In the first season, Jaby Matsoso, an actress and TV presenter, shows viewers that just like herself, you don’t have to be a professional chef to make delicious baked goods. Jaby’s recipes are simple and creative; she demonstrates that you can bake your own sweet and savoury treats for all sorts of occasions, ranging from hosting the in- laws, a pre school graduation party, a breakfast feast, impressing on a first date, a baby shower, a wake or a book club gathering.

Jaby prepares a wide range of baked goods, and all the recipes are available online. Some of the food baked on the series include: Spinach and Feta Quiche, Beetroot Cupcakes, Orange and Chocolate Cake, Lemon tart, Pumpkin Roulade, Pavlova, Chocolate Brownies, Alphabet cookies, Crumpets, Vol au vent, Naan bread and Shasuska.

For delicious baking, look no further than Di Ya Wela.

13 x 24’