Greed & Desire

A telenovela that told the tragic journey of the Makhetha family, a high society, wealthy family who rose from nothing to become the kings of hospitality in the Free State.  But just as the patriarch of the family had his sights set on even greater success, Maru, his only son, was a bitter disappointment to him.

And to Maru’s surprise, his father had an illegitimate daughter in the wings to take his place as leader of the family empire. Fuelled by ruthless ambition, Maru stopped at nothing and let know no one get in his way of becoming the next leader of the Makhetha empire.

When Maru’s adopted brother Morakile teamed up with his half-sister, Nqobile, to take him down, Maru used every trick in his book to get and keep the power he has been waiting for all his life. But he soon learned that there are always vultures on the sidelines waiting to bite into his family’s wealthy pie. Friends can soon turn into enemies, strangers into allies and lovers can become the biggest of regrets. No one was safe from destruction when greed and desire were at play.