Made in SA

The popular youth reality series Made In SA is back for a 5th season. This inspirational factual entertainment reality series celebrates young people of excellence by bringing them closer to their dream through a mentorship challenge. Made in SA gives them this experience of a lifetime and helps them understand more about their life goal.

Each episode showcases a young achiever between 16 and 22 years old who has a passionate dream. Viewers are introduced to him or her in their own environment.

We meet the people in their world and we find out what she or he has already done to make things happen for them. The candidate is then paired with a Made In SA Coach – a career professional in the candidate’s career field. The Made In SA Coach gives the candidate a challenge, assists where necessary with guidance and reflects on the successes and challenges still to come.

Made In SA has a lively Facebook page that carries conversation, up to date info on the show and is a platform for getting the youth to think about their careers and their future. Find us at