No Borders

No Borders is a journey of discovery and exploration, an 8-part television series creating a dialogue between the realities of a favela in Brazil and a township in South Africa. It is tempting, in the realities shared by these two developing nations, to judge both townships and favelas for their hard past and tales of poverty and crime. However, there is much more to townships and favelas than meets the eye. They are a vibrant part of the cities in which they exist, each leaving an indelible mark in the cultural landscape of their regions. Phillip Malepa and Sidney Tartaruga leave behind the familiarity of their respective homes to discover how others in similar spaces live across the seas. Phillip makes his journey to Rio de Janeiro, and later Sydney travels to meet Phillip in Soweto.

In Rio Phillip lives in a favela and delves into the culture- carnival and samba queens; food; nightlife; family bonds, beach lifestyle; sports; ceremonies and celebrations; African slave heritage; as well as exploring the tense relationship between drug lords and law enforcement agencies. In Soweto Sydney immerses himself in township life and also seeks to understand the dynamics of post-apartheid South Africa.

No Borders is truly a journey of discovery for Phillip and Sidney as they share experiences, compare notes and identify the many neglected cultural dialogues that connect these two powerhouses of the global south.