No One Cooks Like Mama

On No One Cooks Like Mama, seasoned chef, magazine food editor, TV host and cooking school owner Sasha Zambetti invites celebrities into her kitchen. On each episode, the well- known personalities, ranging from actors, comedians, rock stars, radio DJs and beauty pageant queens challenge Sasha to put her own unique spin on their favourite comfort food from childhood. Sasha’s challenge is simple- can she make the dish as well as Mama? The recipes, which are all available online, include chicken and mushroom pie, lamb shank, chicken soup, pizza, ginger malva pudding, arroz con pollo, pina colada soufflé and homemade ice cream.

No One Cooks Like Mama is a celebration of the food that warms the heart- with a fresh modern twist, and also a rare chance to experience a more personal side to the stars we admire.

13 x 24’