Takalani Sesame TV series dubbing

Ochre successfully managed the dubbing of Series/Season 6 to 10 (650 episodes),  from English into 4 additional languages (English, isiZulu, Sepedi, Afrikaans and Tshivenda) with season 10 being a reversion of seasons 6 to 9.

We were responsible for;

  • transcribing and translating US archive into local English and 4 additional languages;
  • scripting in English for newly produced studio and location segments;
  • providing for technical equipment and supervision to facilitate data management;
  • offline and online editing;
  • commissioning of graphic backgrounds and other graphic assets;
  • compositing;
  • quality assurance of English to relevant language transcription;
  • casting of suitable dubbing talent;
    booking and scheduling of talent; supervision and direction of dubbing artist performance; language quality assurance; technical quality assurance; budget and delivery control.